Aaaand we’re back

A few weeks ago now I stopped blogging with a view to going away, rethinking a few things and coming up with some ideas to improve the blog and perhaps add some features.

I started this to try and create something that was accessible and that might help people. I’ve learned a lot about self improvement and personal development over the last couple of years but I know there’s a lot of wishy-washy ideas out there and more than a small amount of bullshit floating around the space.

One of the first things I realised when I took a step back was that I hadn’t done ANY of that and had in fact mostly regurgitated a lot of ideas that, while good in theory, do not accurately reflect how I live my life. Do you know what that makes me? A big fat hypocrite is what it makes me. I think my heart was in the right place with it, but I also think I can do better.

Here’s something I didn’t do during my time away from blogging – come up with some new features. Well, I did, but I ended up throwing them all out in favour of this. This being the new name and theme of the blog. A busy father’s struggle to be better.

Now I know this isn’t going to be for everyone, but it is going to be for some of you. From now on I’ll tell you stories about how I’ve struggled, mostly failed, but occasionally succeeded to fit ideas and approaches to self improvement in to my otherwise fairly hectic life. You may not learn a whole lot, but maybe you’ll get a laugh or two out of it.

As for how often I’ll be posting – as often as I feel like it. I’m busy, you can’t expect too much.


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Ben Burrell-Squires

I’m just trying to stay out of trouble.

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